When We Teach, We Learn

I am in a very interesting place right now. One year ago, I was a student. Now, I am a foreign competitive exams trainer, by choice.

Sometimes I wonder why teaching is not a lucrative career path for today’s youth?

Is it because we didn’t have an opportunity to try and figure out whether we love it? Or is it because we have never considered ourselves ‘worthy’ of teaching something? In our quest to submit those assignments, answer never-ending MCQs and attempt to ‘pass’ those dreadful year-end finals, did we disregard our ability to share knowledge? Or is it because we underestimate the potential, monetary and non-monetary, of this field?

Ever since I taught dance for the first time at the age of 13, I knew I wanted to be a teacher! I have taught a wide variety of subjects from dance to math to English and even computers to students, underprivileged children and hard to believe, but teachers!

Had I not been exposed to this wonderful profession at the age of 13 maybe I wouldn’t know how much I loved it! You might not find many 21-year-olds who choose to be teachers.

I often get asked why, at 21, I decided to pursue this career option?

Because, when I explain a concept and see the ‘light bulb’ switch on in my student's mind, there is a sense of satisfaction and happiness I can’t explain.

Because the only thing that nobody can steal from me is my knowledge. Only I have the authority to share it.

Because the classroom is my stage and I love being the director of the drama.

Because teaching comes from the heart and to teach is to touch a life forever.

Because I don’t lose anything by giving out knowledge. I only gain insights. (P.S. And get paid for it too!)

While one can practically learn everything from the internet, we cannot ignore the importance of teachers. The role a teacher plays in the classroom has changed considerably. Teachers are no more transmitters of facts, computers can do that better with visual aids. Teachers should act as guides, facilitators and mentors who help students ascend the throne of learning and allow students to discover facts for themselves.

I hope this article inspires you to try something off-beat and find out new things that you might love.

To every teacher I ever had, I am grateful for the value you added to my life

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