This platform is not about me. It’s about ideas finding their place organically. It is exciting to be here in this place because it is truly an exploration. I do hope that our interaction on Cult Altered is a meaningful one.



Simran Ajwani is currently pursuing Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A) in a private university in Pune. She started teaching Bharatanatyam professionally to underprivileged children at the age of 13.  She is one of the youngest Indian Classical dance choreographer, performer and teacher with over 40 performances throughout India in the past 15 years.While pursuing a Semester exchange program in Berlin, she travelled to 11 European countries in 4 months and experienced various cultures. She has been at a TEDx event and also the Founder President of an I.T. Club. As a keen social worker, her aim in life is to bring a change in the Indian educational system, she truly believes that that is the only way to drive poverty out of India.


Mahera is currently perusing a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), School of Rural Development (SRD) based in a the rural Location of Tuljapur, Maharashtra.  Various disciplines such as Sociology and anthropology, international relations and Psychology interest her. She has gained valuable experience by being associated with certain Non-governmental organizations such as Child in Need Institute (CINI) based in Kolkata and The Indian National Trust for Art and cultural Heritage (INTACH), Pune which aims towards preservation of  India’s  rich and distinct cultural Heritage. She is also an active volunteer for Skip A Meal (SAM), a TISS initiative which focuses on the education of underprivileged children in and around Tuljapur, Maharashtra. 

Mahera believes that there is tremendous scope for the fusion of ideas and opinions by understanding different socio-cultural contexts.  In this way workable solutions can be found to problems that have begun to engulf the world.

 She is currently focusing on travelling to places over the country which are of historical and cultural importance and also has a knack for monumental photography. She wouldn’t be able to do life without music. 



I am a third-year Electronics Engineering student in Manipal Institute of Technology. I have been playing the piano since the age of 3, writing since the age of 4 and obsessing over Star Wars since the age of 5. One part eternal optimist, two parts dream idealist, and three parts intensive classical music nerd. Too many parts?



Priya is a final year undergraduate in a business school. She believes in challenging herself at every step in her life. She firmly believes  that flowing against the tide is the best challenge one can take up to grow. She lives a life of a funambulist, ‘’she may dissuade but never fall’’.

She was the Vice president of Enactus at Symbiosis Centre For management Studies. Having published four research papers to her credit and performing at multiple internship, she carries an eclectic experience in the corporate sector. She muses herself in her violin and is a grade 3 player. She preaches that writing is what gives her peace of mind and more satisfaction than any other luxury in the world.

Literature, history, philosophy, politics, science-fiction, classical music are her favourite areas of interest.



I am a BBA student at SCMS specialising in Human Resources. I have been involved with the NSS. I am a debator and an avid reader. I love talking to people to gain an insight into their mind and I am better listener. I am Rider and I love spending time in the kitchen to release stress.



Aditya Sinha is a Student in Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune pursuing a BBA degree. He has volunteered for NGOs like Rotary Club in social initiatives like "Care For Air" . He loves following political news and conflicts both international and domestic. He studies ideologies whether left leaning or right and tries to understand it's effect on the society. For him, no government agenda or ideology is wrong it is series of circumstances and believes that led to it. Right and wrong are relative concepts for him. He loves to watch Netflix and have a cup full of green tea to relax.


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